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  • Kelly D, 38 yrs

    When you no longer get enjoyment out of most anything, it’s pretty much time.

    I played ice hockey for Women’s Team USA for six years, and was involved in competitive sports for 24 years. My pain started in the lower back, then after a little bit of discovery, my hips ...
  • Paul N, 43 yrs

    My doctor, the technology — they gave me the freedom to be myself again.

    My hip pain was undiagnosed for awhile. I was in pain no matter what I did. I have three children who are active in sports year-round — which means I need to stay active, too. Just a day on my fe...
  • Dave R, 43 yrs

    There’s a point where your life just becomes miserable if you don’t get it replaced.

    My dad was always a real outdoorsman just like his father was. So he raised my brother and me the same way, active in a lot of sports — fishing, cycling, camping. I was always pushi...
  • Christine R, 57 yrs

    I shouldn’t have waited … I feel 20 years younger.

    I’m a nurse and I’m on my feet 10 hours a day. Fifteen years ago, I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee. Arthritis set in, the joint deteriorated, and the pain grew worse. Coming home to elevate and ice my leg was...
  • Charisse G, 42 yrs

    I would say my quality of life is now 200%, versus 25% before the surgery.

    I’m a mother of five. Grandmother of two. I have an active life, which has gotten even better since I had my knee replacement. Before the surgery, my activity was very limited. I was in severe pa...
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  • Arthroscopy Association of North America
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