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  • Updated Phone Number

    We have exciting news! We’ve updated our contact information and you can now reach us at 855-DR-NAYAK (376-2925). If you or someone you know is suffering from joint pain, be sure to give us a call! Dr. Suresh Nayak is the area’s top Orthopaedic Surgeon and Robotic JointReplacement Specialist.

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  • Robotic Joint Replacement Institute (Part 3)

    Now Open, Getting ready for surgery, Preop Optimization

    Medical conditions When having joint replacement surgery, most of us think that the day of surgery will define how we do afterwards. The day of surgery is certainly important, it is the major focus of The Robotic Joint Replacement Institute. Advanced technologies are used to make sure that the surgery itself goes as perfectly as possible. Unfortunately, complications can and do happen. One of the other major focuses of our Institute is to try to reduce complications before they occur.

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  • Robotic Joint Replacement Institute (Part 2)

    The new and improved Robotic Joint Replacement Institute is now open!
    The Robotic Joint Replacement Institute (RJRI) is open. If you or someone you know is suffering to complete day-to-day tasks due to joint pain, reach out to the Robotic Joint Replacement Institute. Not only does the medical director for this institute have extensive experience with robotic joint replacements, but this form of surgery is also linked to a quicker, less painful, and more accurate procedure process with less recovery time.

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  • Robotic Joint Replacement Institute

    The Robotic Joint Replacement Institute (RJRI) is open. In the last month, this institute hasperformed the most robotic hip replacements in the entire country. Continue reading for moreinformation about the RJRI and scroll to the bottom for information on how to set up yourappointment today.

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  • Set up an Appointment Today!

    Sometimes the most challenging part about seeing a doctor is making the initial steps to set up an appointment. Our goal is to make those initial steps as quick and easy as possible! This article will run you through the steps to take to set up an appointment with Cincinnati’s top Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Suresh Nayak. You'll notice that some things have changed as a result of the current state of the world in order to minimize as much contact with others as possible. However, we are currently open and accepting new patients.

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